UNI-W Standard

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  • 285 €

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The pedal part assisted by the fastening and the rubber strap enables:

  •  easy and quick mounting on your foot
  • simple and safe use

The tips of the lower part and clamp arch are strengthened by the extra strong weld, which enables the user a firm and secure grip on all types of wooden poles, even on very hard or icy ones.

Special characteristic of these climbing accessories is their technical design which enables:

  • wide range of use on the poles of different diameters from 100-300 m
  • Optimal starting adjustment of the clamp arches according to the initial diameter or thickness of the pole (adjustment before climbing)
  • possibility of regulation of the clamp arches during climbing
  • very good stability
  • climbing accessories are small, light, one pair only weighs 4,4 kg

Due to their innovative design, these climbing accessories in every moment during climbing provide the following:

  • optimal three-point accommodation of the climbing accessories to the pole
  • pedal plate does not lean during climbing, shear forces do not affect the ankles
  • feet are always in the right ergonomic position during climbing
  • long lasting use does not cause ankle pain or possible joint damages.

Due to a simple regulation of a clamp arch, are the advantages of these climbing accessories seen during the long-lasting work on the poles, especially on very high and conical ones.