UNI-W Classic

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  • 170 €

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They are designed for a wide range of use on various poles with different diameters from 125 to 260 mm.
Their advantages are:

  • Tightening strips and rubber straps enable a simple and quick attachment on the foot.
  • Forged clamp arch and tempered points enable the user a good grip on all types of wooden poles, even on harder or icy ones.
  • Design itself enables a safe and simple use.
  • Simple and easy maintenance.
  • Climbing accessories are small and light, one pair only weighs 3 kg
  • Universal usability.
  • Optimal three-point accommodation of the climbing accessories to the pole.

Pedal plate does not lean during climbing, consequently shear forces do not affect the ankles. Feet are always in the right ergonomic position during climbing, that is why long lasting use does not cause ankle pain or possible joint damages.

Their technical characteristics enable high usability in daily work, on inaccessible locations and in harsh weather conditions.