UNI-W Extra

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Adjustable climbing accessories for climbing on trees UNI-W-Extra

Adjustable climbing accessories are designed for climbing tree trunks. The main advantage of these accessories is safe and easy use.

The technical design of climbing accessories UNI-W-Extra allows:

  • safe and easy use,
  • Wide range of use

Basic clamp arches may be used on tree trunks with diameters from 100mm to 300mm, an extra pair of clamp arches may be used to cover the larger diameters from 300mm to 600mm.

The pedal part:

  • assisted by the rubber and the fastening strap allows an easy and quick mounting on your foot,
  • with three tips, reinforced with hard seaming and clamp arc with one tip allows you a firm and secure grip on all types of tree trunks.

Special characteristics of UNI-W-Extra:

  •  a mechanism that enables optimal adjustment of the clamp arc prior to climbing, depending on the thickness of the tree trunk at the bottom,
  • regulation of the clamp arches during climbing which provides you with good footing (due to the conical shapes of the trunks),
  • optimal three-point accommodation to the trunk of the climbing accessories is ensured at any time during climbing,
  • the innovative design ensures the ergonomic position of feet during climbing, which prevents ankle pain and joint damages.

These climbing accessories proved very useful for rescuers in cases of trapped parachutists, for hunters when constructing the observatories and for foresters when pruning, tethering and chopping down the trees in the cases of demanding locations.

Product set contains: pedal parts, clamp arches of 600mm, clamp arches 300mm, transport bag.