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Data protection policy
The company Galos d.o.o. uses your data lawfully and will not in any way, sell, rent and grant access to third persons. All data will be processed confidentially, securely stored, inaccessible to unwanted inquiries and kept only for their initial means.

When visiting the website, some of the data like anonymized IP address, date, the website page will be used solely for statistical purposes.

The website uses web cookies to function. The user has the option to accept or reject the cookies. If you do not accept cookies, some of the pages may not display as they are intended to and may cause some of the information to not display properly or at all.

Limited liability
While the website is set up and hosted with the maximum degree of care, the company Galos d.o.o. can’t guarantee that all of the data presented on the website is accurate. All content and information on this website is subject to change without the need for advance notice.

The company does not accept responsibility for any kind of direct or indirect damage which resulted due to the use of this website, incorrectly functioning website or disturbance when accessing the website.

In the case of connecting this website with other websites, which are the property of 3rd persons, the company Galos d.o.o. doesn’t take responsibility for the operation of those websites.

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All content, copy, images, animations and other documents that are located on the website are legally copyrighted and subject to intellectual rights protection.

The content of this website is not allowed to be copied or in any other way replicated, except in the case of written consensus from the company Galos d.o.o., which actively enforces their copyrights to their intellectual content in the largest means possible allowed by the law.

The website owner Galos d.o.o. uses cookies on their website Cookies are text documents, which save to the user’s device when visiting the website. Upon the first user’s visit, the cookies can be accepted or rejected.

The website owner guarantees a better and more user-friendly experience when visiting the website. Apart from that, cookies help with for analytical purposes and possibly a more accurate advertising experience.

The cookies by themself, do not enable direct user identification. The user can change the cookie settings at any time on this page.

The owner Galos d.o.o. uses their own cookies on this website as well as some 3rd party cookies.

Detailed info about cookies the website uses is explained in the table below:

Data controller Cookie name / duration Purpase of use
Galos d.o.o. VOL_SITE / session time Used for:
– better navigation, the user stays on the same page when switching languages,
– temporary data storage for website forms,
– usage of some popup modals,
– for CMS administration
Galos d.o.o. AWSUSER_ID / 10.000 hours Web statistics – logging annonymised info about visits on this website
Galos d.o.o. AWSSESSION_ID / session time Web statistics – logging annonymised info about visits on this website
Galos d.o.o. LoginToken / 30 days Remember me function for CMS purpases.
1. Galos d.o.o.

2. Google Inc.

__utma / 2 years
__utmb / session time
__utmc / session time
__utmz / 6 months
__utmv / 2 years
Web analytics. You can read more about individual cookie use here.
1. Galos d.o.o.

2. Google Inc. (DoubleClick)

Id / 2 years
_drt_ / 12 hours
test_cookie / session time
For advertising analytics such as clicking on specific ads. The cookie allows ad impressions to users who have visited a website in Google’s ad network. The data does not identify a user. Read more about each cookie here.
Google Inc.
SID / 10 years
PREF / 2 years
SSID /10 years
HSID / 10 years
__utma / 2 years
__utmz / 6 months
For video views statistics. The data does not identify an individual user. Read more about these cookies here.
Google Inc.

(Google Maps)

PREF / 2 years
NID / 6 months
SID / 10 years
SAPSID / 10 years
APISID / 10 years
SSID / 10 years
HSID / 10 years
khcookie / session time
User settings. Read more about these cookies here.

The user can change the cookie settings at any point on this website or in the cookie settings of their respective browsers.

If the user declines cookies, the website will create a cookie in your browser to remember this decision.