Frequent questions

  • Are climbing accessories difficult to use?

The use of climbing accessories does not require any prior knowledge or experience.

  •  Does safe use of climbing accessories require any special training?

No special training is needed. We recommend new users to become familiar with the instructions for use.

  •  What does three-point grip mean?

Three-point grip means that the tips and the rubber grips of the climbing accessories are leaning against the pole at three points in any moment of their use.

  •  What are the advantages of the tree-point grip?

The climbing accessories are stable, good footing is provided; they are not to be reversed during use. The user has got a feeling of safety and stability.

  •  May the position of feet be amended during climbing?

The position of feet may be amended during climbing, because of the thickness of the pole may be tapering as the height increases. Special regulatory adjustment of the point of the grip with regard to the thickness of the pole is enabled in the majority of our climbing accessories.

  •  Does the use of climbing accessories cause ankle pain?

While the ankle pain is a common issue during the use of climbing accessories, it is not present in case when our climbing accessories are being used. Innovative structure and/ or regulatory mechanism enable optimal position of feet. The ankle of the user is not in an incorrect position or improperly pressured during climbing. This is the advantage that makes even prolonged work on the pole possible.

  •  What are the advantages of adjustable climbing accessories?

The one advantage is that the clamp arches of the climbing accessories may be adjusted to the thickness of the pole, which is usually being tampered towards the top. This ensures a safe, stable footing on the pole with the foot in a natural position. The tilting of the pedal surface of the climbing accessories is thereby prevented as well as the oblique position of the feet and the consequent unnatural loads in the ankles which are usually the reasons for the pain due to prolonged use. Control of the clamp arches also solves this issue.

  •  Can the climbing accessories be adjusted during climbing?

The point of grip can be easily adjusted before climbing and, if needed during climbing for example, at the half or on the top of the pole.

  •  May we climb on icy and wet poles?

Yes, we may, but only in the cases of wooden poles.

  • How to maintain the climbing accessories?

The maintenance of climbing accessories is simple and undemanding. Together with the instructions for use you can maintain them yourselves. Cleaning and lubrication of the moving parts and, if necessary, a replacement of worn parts (for example, the strap for attachment to the feet) is recommended.

  • Where is it possible to purchase the replacement parts?

Replacement parts are provided by your supplier or the manufacturer.

  •  Who do I turn to, when the maintenance and repair of climbing accessories is needed?

For maintenance or any complex repairs, please contact your supplier or the manufacturer.

  • Can you ship to my address?

We offer Worldwide shipping, please contact us for shipping details and costs.