UNI-Met + 450

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Adjustable climbing accessories for concrete, plastic and metal poles from 230mm / 9.05″ to 450mm / 17.72″

These climbing accessories are designed for climbing round or multi angle poles with diameters from 230 to 450 mm (from 9.05″ to 17.72″).
Pedal part assisted by a mounting and a rubber strap enables easy and quick attachment of these climbing accessories on feet. Pedal part design and clamp arc with rubber grips allow a good grip on different types of poles.

Advantages of these pole climbing accessories:

  • The possibility of climbing over the consoles
  • Easy and safe use
  • High quality production and simple maintenance
  • Optimal three-point accomodation to the pole ensured in any moment during climbing
  • Optimal adjustment of the clamp arches according to the initial diameter of the pole
  • Easy, safe and fast regulation of the internal gripping arches while climbing, which ensures a natural position of feet during use
  • Low weight (9 kg per pair) and the center of gravity below the pedal plate.
  • Shear forces do not affect the climber’s ankles during climbing (eliminated possibility of ankle pain due to the use of climbing accessories)
  • Regulatory mechanism ensures simple and safe use. During climbing it can be set manually or by using the control leads
  • When descending, the springs are released by pulling the handle which enables the inner rubber grips return to its initial position.
  • Made from forged body made of DIN 45 profile (arch and foot).
  • Standards: DIN 191,2 , DIN 48 345 and Croatian recommendation NN116/02.

We recommend the use of climbing accessories for daily tasks (with exception of wet or icy poles), particularly in the cases of inaccessible locations, where it is not possible to use other accessories.

Their design enables long-lasting working tasks on the poles.

Product set contains: pedal parts, clamp arches, transport bag, regulation handle